La Barchessa di Villa Pisani


La Barchessa
La Barchessa

… and there finally their spirits, tired of the agitation of the city,
will take great refreshment and consolation…

Andrea Palladio, “The Four Books of Architecture”, 1570

The Rooms

Inside the Barchessa di Villa Pisani, the country house offers 15 exclusive bedrooms which have been refurbished, preserving the original structure and unique decor.

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Osteria del Guà


La Barchessa di Villa Pisani is the perfect place for those who want a place of excellence and relaxation, for those who love privacy and tranquility with the attention and services of a luxury accomodation.

Osteria del Guà

A cuisine based on flavor, high-quality ingredients and seasonality. On our menu you’ll find dishes that hail from the Italian tradition, with ample space given to our own region. A menu of comforting and familiar flavors that celebrates the joy of dining.